Denim on Denim


Do You Know What Denim Represents?

"Expression, an alluring feel , modesty , and simplicity." Described by fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent himself, where he confessed in an interview of how he regrets not inventing, the most underrated yet bold piece of clothing there is - the Denim.  

During the 1930's , denim escalated quickly from work-wear and cowboys to being considered a fashionable piece that was in everyone's wardrobe. It started to mean something more. Denim no longer represents hard labor, instead it has risen in status to represent comfort as well as fashion.

To me, denim show's strength. If you look into history, we can see that worker's wore this tough blue cloth on ships, and for military units, as well as for hard labor in industrial industries later on. Denim was used even by Columbus for sailing in the French towns. Since the second world war, sailors took blue jeans across to the Old world and around Asia. For American's especially, denim became an expression of liberty. They were wearing this tough piece of cloth, which felt like freedom and strength to them. Especially since they were one of the strongest countries to still remain after World War 2.

I am Real. I am Me.

The popularity of denim jeans have escalated more than people have realized; and over the last couple of years it has come back into style. For the prime reason that denim jeans are a way of accentuating your assets. They are not only suited for work environments anymore. They are a proclamation of your authenticity. This material doesn't fix and nor does it try and hide the parts of yourself you may not be comfortable with. It's a thick, tough  material that makes a statement of you as a person. "I am real. I am me." Wearing denim, is a powerful statement to make.

Denim itself has become a global phenomenon. It has become a personal and intimate type of clothing, for many females these days. For example, denim jeans are now considered as "The boyfriend jeans". 

2 Timothy 1:7 states "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, 
but of power, love and of a sound mind. 

Strength and power is what came to me when creating this concept. A photo-shoot where all females are united, wearing this denim material. When you think of denim and it's history; denim was used highly in heroic situations. But mainly worn and used by men. It was a man's world. 

However this all changes, when females come together showing the same strength and attitude as men. Wearing denim is an expression of that power. Do we need to wear tough materials to be considered strong? No. For our strength and boldness comes from the Lord and within. We have already been given a spirit of power , love and a sound mind.  I don't believe denim is our shield of strength, when God has already blessed us with this gift and is already our strength. Denim is merely an expression. a powerful one. 

You can see all the girls wearing denim. However there are different tones of this blue denim shade. No one is wearing the same thing, for the simple fact that this photo-shoot displays every individuals authenticity.  Every style will be different and rightly so it should be, because you are your own person! We were made to stand out.

Natural hair. All the girls in photo-shoot have their natural hair proudly out. This was important to showcase because it ties in with what denim advocates and what I personally believe. 

Psalms 139:14 states "I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
 marvelous are thy works, and my souls knows it well." 

Self-love is an important factor to consider because, it is important to be proud of every inch of yourself. Love yourself , love your assets and heritage. We try so hard sometimes to hide our flaws and we may not always be confident enough, in our own looks and even our own natural hair. So we depend on extensions and make-up. We are all flawed human beings. accept it. It takes confidence and the boldness to step out and admit the vital fact that, yes we are flawed. But we are unique first and foremost. You were never made to fit in. God has set you apart from everyone else, for a reason. 

Being proud of just being authentically you! Now that... show's strength & power.  You become untouchable when you believe and know, you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. When God is perfect and has made you in his likeness. No one can tell you different. 


The location of this photo-shoot was situated in Leakes Street, Waterloo. It is an incredible urban underground tunnel, filled with the most creative and graffiti art work you will ever see. Urban street art, is a representation of society, culture, and is a way for individuals to express themselves in the community. It demonstrates an edge. 

With everything in combination... from wearing denim , to natural hair, to the location. This photo-shoot symbolizes the important message of a woman's strength, power, and ability to stand out in any situation. We are uniquely made and each of us have the boldness to show case this. Thus, being situated in an unconventional urban environment, represents how we are confident individuals who are powerful, yet edgy. 

A big thank you to, Arrmeila, Annika, Andrea, Cheara, Keshani, Nabeeha, Shivalee, Tracita for taking part in this photoshoot! I am so grateful. 

Navo x

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