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                                                                         For you were once a mustard seed that needed constant plantin...

For you were once a mustard seed that needed constant planting and sowing to reap. 
You needed extra care and comfort 
to have the courage to even step out of what you were once used to, 
But now it's no more than an unknown place, 
forgotten and lost. 
Like the holocaust.
Do you know that your words have bruised me? 
That because of you I wear bulletproof vests now 
to shield me from your words that you disguise as a gun.

I was exhausted and drained from my own inner demons.
 Fragile but not completely shattered . 
I was vulnerable but not completely broken . 
But the question is how were you "not completely " broken or shattered? 
How were u "almost" holding on?

Who was holding you?

For I saw darkness and he shined his light on me.
 I was exhausted and he breathed life into me. 
I was confused and all over the place like a rub-ix cube.
 Just when one side was perfect and all figured out, 
there were all these other sides to me that still needed completing.
I was lost. 
So he took it upon himself and completed the jigsaw puzzle inside of me, 
restoring all the broken pieces back to its original form and shape.

 I built you up from the ground, formed you from my own flesh. 
I'm the only one who knows where which part goes where,
For I was the one pouring the nutrients into you, 
showering you with my love. 
Building you up again, 
restoring you again. 
Because before I formed you in your mothers womb 
I knew you.

Therefore I had a purpose predestined for you with your name on it, 
I know your Potential, 
So I was never going to let you go that easily Lourdes. 
For you are more precious than diamonds.  
You were like the lost sheep that had strayed away for so long,
 but I went after you, 
searching for you. 
Just like David,
 I never left you  , 
because you may have wanted to give up , 
but I was never going to give up on you.
In fact,
 I was the one holding you.

Open your eyes Lourdes. For all you ever needed was me.

Googles definition of flourishing is "developing rapidly and successfully thriving"

Lord , you developed me.
 More like regenerated me .
 In fact, you took the bulletproof vest away from me, 
the one thing I held onto for so long,
to show me that I am stronger now without it, 
for words can hit me 
but it will never defeat me.  
In fact this happened rapidly ,
 like a planter pouring his love like water down onto the seed so it can blossom. 
I blossomed.
Blossomed from a broken seed to now a woken rose.

Striving? More like thriving for success, 
 for you have now put me on the path of righteousness , 
made a way for me to follow you despite my garbage. 
For it is an honor to be made in your image.

So yes. I am flourishing . 
Flourishing and exceeding like never before, 
like a butterfly broken out of its nest, 
my insides have expanded and I have been stretched . 
I have been freed and my heart beats more than ever.. for Yahweh

 For even when I rebelled against you, 
challenged you,
you stood firm up in heaven, 
your love for me unshaken.
 For God was so kind enough , 
so loving enough...
to make a miracle out of misery.

- Lourdes xo

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  1. God Bless your beautiful heart Lourdes! ❤
    May God guide you to make a Godly revolution with Love.
    This is simply amazing!

  2. Beautiful! You have dug deep into the soul to unravel the mercy and love of the creator. Thought provoking and makes you want to read it over and over again. Thanks for Sharing.