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As much as this is a fashion blog, I am definitely a makeup lover as well and when the time is right, I love to showcase makeup looks u...

As much as this is a fashion blog, I am definitely a makeup lover as well and when the time is right, I love to showcase makeup looks using a range of my favourite products old and new. My go-to makeup look has always been a nude dewy finish, but that's not always the case; I definitely love a bold red lip from time to time! However my main aim in every makeup look is to ALWAYS look as natural as possible, because ladies; less is more! I've personally never been into wearing dramatic makeup looks, such as rocking the heavy MAC foundation or Smokey eye because that's not what I'm personally comfortable with, and that's ok; but I've met so many people who love a good Smokey eye and they rock it! 

As much as it's good to experiment with products, makeup shouldn't be used to hide ourselves, but rather be used in a way of enhancing our natural flaws and features of our face, that's what I believe anyway. This is what we've been blessed with; so work with what you've got.
On a personal level, even posting pictures of myself almost bare faced in order to show my readers how I start my makeup look in a authentic way is a first, and a stepping stone because growing up I've never been hundred per cent comfortable in my own skin and I'm still learning to embrace my unique features in every angle just like any other girl. I mean for ages, I've hated my "bug eyes" , nose and even my lips. All of us are definitely guilty of analysing ourselves way too much in the mirror, but the truth is no ones face is perfectly symmetrical, and nor will it be. The bigger hidden message of this post is Self-Love. It's important to embrace your flaws and the features of your face, because even the aspects of your face that you dislike or are not comfortable with, actually turns out to be your best feature! Which you will also be grateful for in the long run, because that makes you stand out. own it.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found a new appreciation for the art of makeup and how it can mean so many different things to different people. I remember starting to wear makeup as young as 12, copying my older sister and still looking ridiculous! As it's 2016, when I do wear makeup, I tend to go for a more natural dewy finish; but in recent times I’ve discovered a whole new world of makeup out there that most definitely doesn’t fit the bill of a natural look, but is beautiful in its own way and I love the look just the same as a natural look. Sometimes I love to go all out, and other times I'm pretty relaxed and don't mind going out with just concealer or no makeup at all for that matter. Makeup is definitely based around personal preference, but it's important to keep in mind, to apply your makeup without the intention of hiding all your wrinkles, freckles or even beauty marks to the extent that you look almost indescribable. It's important to still look YOURSELF . Find what works for you, but also be willing to experiment as well, for instance with different lip colours, or different eye looks. At the end of the day, makeup is supposed to be fun!

All the makeup details have been listed below, and the names of the products have been hyperlinked and will direct you to the product page of the brand's website.

Makeup Details
Lip Colour #1 : MAC Taupe Lipstick
Lip Colours #2: Everything stick - Topshop

Outfit Details
Top - Topshop 
Hat - Topshop
Jeans - Primark
Bag - unknown

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