London Fashion Week 2016

So far that is it for the season. My London Fashion Week experience has come to a swift end and it was definitely an eventful one! Sinc...

So far that is it for the season. My London Fashion Week experience has come to a swift end and it was definitely an eventful one! Since it was my first experience at London fashion week, I didn't know what to expect; but having went and seen it first hand for myself alongside one of my best friends made the day worthwhile and eye opening. I can say It was definitely an experience worth having especially being a small scale blogger myself. I came out of the experience with full of ideas and inspiration for the coming trends thanks to the amazing vibrant works of London's street style and runway shows.

The 62nd edition of London Fashion Week was situated in Soho, Brewer Street this year, been previously situated in Somerset House, The National History Museum, Dorset Park, etc. One of the aspects I loved most about the day was seeing designer's, bloggers, stylist's, celebrities, men and women from the industry all coming together in the space of one week to witness the prominent talent on showcase; nonetheless witnessing the unique style of each individual on the day was inspiring to see and left me motivated more than ever to venture out with my own style and future career for that matter.

Having the opportunity to be invited to the SIBLING runway show was definitely another highlight of my day. SIBLING is a collaboration between Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery. The collection included bright and playful subversions of classic knitwear styles such as cashmere twinsets in sequin leopard and sparkling Bretons going beyond aesthetics staying true to the label's DNA. SIBLING is a world wide recognised brand having worked with numerous brands already such as Smiley, Swarovski, Barbie, Fashionary, G shock, Cassette Playa, Lulu & Co, Oxbow, Tween, Fred Perry, Topman and PUMA. Recently their Sequin Kanaval Masks has made the front cover of CR Fashion book, worn by BeyoncĂ©. 
Afterwards having VIP access to the designer showroom as the show ended was another aspect I will not forget. It was full of emerging talent of upcoming London designer's, which was truly exciting, as each designer had a unique approach to their collection. Proves London's diversity and is historic for it's creative arts, being one the most important fashion capitals in the world.

My outfit for the day is a combination of vintage and new:
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Top: River Island V neck striped
Jacket: Blue military vintage blazer
Bottoms: Flared pants from Spring & Summer
Heels: Gold Metallic heels from PARMA'S

All pictures have been taken on the Nikon D50, and the designer's website has been linked down below as well to check out.

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