Victoria Beckham : NYFW

Fashion week is still going on, and boy has it been eventful so far! I've loved all of it, from seeing video's online ,to pictu...

Fashion week is still going on, and boy has it been eventful so far! I've loved all of it, from seeing video's online ,to picture's constantly shared on instagram and snapchat, etc...
Now it's the perfect time for me to review all my favorites designers, from New York fashion week, London and Milan fashion week that has been showcased on the runway so far. So prepare to get a lot of posts from me in the next few days and weeks! 

Let's start off with Victoria Beckham. I have to be honest, i was most excited to see her collection the most out of any other designers at New York Fashion Week. Due to obviously being a singer and style icon in previous years and having the most beautiful family. I was still not convinced as to whether her collection would be that unique or jaw dropping. I certainly did not know what to expect from her, hence why i was so excited to see her collection the most. From reading previous articles she seemed to be a huge favorite of Anna Wintour's, who's we all know is the queen of fashion! Having her approval, mean's she's a designer to look out for. 

When seeing her collection; her first model stepped out wearing a black body hugging dress with a slight low neckline and flared details descending downwards on the dress. As soon as i saw this i knew this would be a good collection. Already from the first look, it's unique and we can tell the collection is slightly influenced by Victoria's own style looks. As many other models stepped out, i was very impressed, and grew to love the collection. Her collection varied from more tailored dresses to crisp and oversize coats, with flared jumpers; and a touch of silk added to a few of the skirts, which i thought was genius! Her collection was minimalistic yet still chic; what i loved about her collection is that the clothes are very modern and wearable for everyone, not just for red carpet looks. What i also found really nice was that she kept the color palette of her collection cold toned, majority of the colors being black, grey, charcoal, white, with a pop of color in some looks; colors such as orange, camel, navy blue. 

I really did love this collection, and can't wait to check out her store located in Dover Street, London this summer!  

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