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Hey readers! So recently i got a sample from the brand Spooky Eyes   The brand deals with producing the most amazing ranges of zombie c...

Hey readers!
So recently i got a sample from the brand Spooky Eyes The brand deals with producing the most amazing ranges of zombie contact lenses and vampire contact lenses and many more in all colors for all eye shapes. The brand itself is so creative thus produces the most eccentric and unique contact lenses that can be worn for Halloween, costume parties, etc. During Halloween the brand stocks the awesome white out lenses, crazy lenses, devil contact lenses. What's also amazing about this brand is that they don't just have themed contact lenses; they also produce natural colored contact lenses which are more subtle for an everyday look and will look very pretty on anyone eyes. Their natural contact lenses are a must try if you want to make a statement! What's also great is that the product is FDA proof so you know for sure it's a quality product.

Spooky Eyes had sent me a pair of beautiful grey/green contact lenses. I was really excited about it. The grey/green was a lovely shade and it definitely looks natural . I thought the packaging was great. Came in a spooky eyes designed package with the contact lenses safely sterile in two small containers filled with solution.

Sadly during the time i got this sample i had problems with my right eye and was really ill; due to safety issues i was not able to try on the contact lenses. It's definitely annoying when something like that happens, but the review must go on haha!

Talking to other bloggers who had also tried on the contact lenses, there were mixed reviews with the brands contact lenses. It's different for different eyes; some found the contact lenses brought discomfort to their eyes and that the lenses did not stick to their eye properly. Although others, found the contact lenses amazing! They loved how they looked on with it, and felt so comfortable wearing it that they kept the lenses on for hours and hours! I was told the key to putting on these contact lenses is , you really have to lift your upper lid to create a bigger space for the lenses because the lenses are so big. Then lift both your eyelids over the lenses to secure it. Make sure to put in the lenses before your makeup! That's a must, or else you'll be ruining your makeup.
It all depends on you. Their an amazing and trust worthy brand with a variety of choices to try on!

Make sure to check out their website for more information and if you wish to order your own pair of contact lenses: www.SpookyEyes.com 

Lourdes xo

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