Zuhair Murad

Hey everyone! Firstly i want to apologize for neglecting my blog in the past few weeks. I have been SO busy! Let's just say, i'm...

Hey everyone! Firstly i want to apologize for neglecting my blog in the past few weeks. I have been SO busy! Let's just say, i'm not good at time management...high school's hard as it is! I plan to produce more blogs during the holidays anyway; which will include my style as well as designer looks and trends that are happening in the industry at the moment. I definitely have more ideas up my sleeve.

Zuhair Murad. Making his mark on the Lebanese capital. A man that's got the most creative intellect to making the most stunning dresses i have ever seen. I am obsessed with his couture fall collection because i honestly can't look away! The dresses look timeless, they just do. He's got a unique touch to the dresses he makes and i love his experiments into making the dresses different. Usually we see many dresses that have similar designs or similar fabrics; yet they are so appealing to buyers because it says 'CHANEL' on the tab. Dresses generally stick to the idea of classic cocktail or gala silhouettes. Although with Murad's collection we can see the dresses are stretched, has encrusted wave patterns , even includes gym-metric shapes within the design; and includes hammered metallic sequins which has become his signature look. He's brilliant. I haven't seen dresses like his before and i love it. Luckily he hasn't just made dresses, his designs differ from ready-to-wear outfits and even wedding dresses which are even more breathtaking, especially if your a girl who loves lace!

I wanted to write about him today, because firstly i obviously wanted all my readers to have the same enthusiasm as i do towards his designs. Also because yes, as a designer he has been in the industry for nearly twenty years. But i honestly don't think he's that raved about as he should be. Not that much has even been written about him. He's clearly talented and is so unique! His elaborate gowns are perfect for those girls who love a bit of glamour and glitz. His whole couture collection is based on the ideas of Geometry, i personally think his dresses or even his ready-to-wear outfits are eye catching and i seriously want one as my prom dress! Just saying...

Below are pictures of his Fall couture collection and some bridal dresses; as well as some celebrities wearing his gowns.


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