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Hey guys! So I've been tagged to do a  Wish List  post by the amazing  Liquor n Poker   about things i wish i had. So here goes... ...

Hey guys! So I've been tagged to do a Wish List post by the amazing Liquor n Poker about things i wish i had. So here goes...

1) I wish i had a Polaroid camera. That would be so awesome, to just be able to take pictures whenever and have it in your hand. It's something that's very vintage, i love that.

2) I wish i had either Victoria Beckham OR Olivia Palermo's wardrobe. I've always adored both of their styles. They really know what kind of clothes looks right on them and fits them well.

3) I wish i had a Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne because those fragrances just smell so fresh and beautiful.

4) I wish i had a Mulberry bag or the first ever matte black bag from Birking&Kelly.

5) I wish i had Liquor N Poker mom color wash with ripped knee detail jeans. The jeans have a very light and subtle color to them, whilst looking very comfortable to wear. They are quality jeans that can be worn everyday and still look amazing! An easy outfit choice to style with. Nonetheless all their jeans; I've heard are of a good quality and a good look; because of that i would also want, Liquor n Poker mom jeans with ripped detail and distressing detail jeans.

6) I wish i had the Real Techniques makeup kit. I seriously need to get it soon!

7) I wish i had a big fur coat from Zara. Zara just does it best...always. Especially since the winter is approaching soon enough.

8) I wish i had loads of toys to give to less fortunate kids as a Christmas present. Some deserve more than us.

9) I wish i had a holiday ticket to go explore one of the seven wonders of the world....holiday goals.

10) I want a dress from ZuhairMorad. Each of their dresses are so beautiful and intricate. Each piece is so different , i'd love one.

Everyone make sure to check out the amazing denim brand that is Liquor n Poker 
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