The 5 Most Common Bronzer Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

No more Orange. I promise. 1. You're putting it all over your face. Don't get me wrong—a light   veil   of bronzer is jus...

No more Orange. I promise.

1. You're putting it all over your face.
Don't get me wrong—a light veil of bronzer is just fine. You can master this technique with a large fluffy brush, but make sure to also include your neck.  But really, an authentic bronze look is all about targeted application. For a sun kissed, fresh-from-the-beach effect, grab a blush brush and dust product onto the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, on the centre of the chin, and on the temples. You can also contour with a bronzer; Hit the sides of the forehead, underneath your cheekbones, the jaw line, and just under the chin." For this, he recommends 
NARS Bronze Powders in Laguna and Casino. You can also find a great matte formula by NYX Cosmetics

2. You've selected the wrong shade for your skin tone.
We've all been through it at one point or another—the orange phase. While certain bronzers might instantly wake up your skin or enhance your face, others can give you a bizarre, radioactive glow

If you're fair, you should look for products with a beige base. Basically, most fair skin types lack a yellow tone in the skin, which is why that orange colour is created, NARS Laguna is a good, pretty universal option for lighter complexions.

If you're medium, then congratulations! You're the perfect candidate for basically all of the bronzers ever created. (But you already know this.)

If you're dark skinned, a richer, red or orange tone is necessary to really warm up your complexion. You also should look for a bit of sparkle, otherwise the

application will look a little dull, I recommend the Cover Girl Queen Bronzers

3.      You're just using bronzer.
The funny thing about looking sun-kissed is that it takes a whole lot more than one product. "I always suggest a cream highlighter afterwards so the skin doesn't look flat,

4. You're overdoing the shimmer.
The problem with these overly-shimmery bronzing powders is that they may look good at first, but after you wear them for a few hours, they just make you look oily and sweaty, Bronzers with a lot of shimmer should 

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